2011-05-10 gre考试


  1. it is odd that 女作家 rarely______ discussion on American literature:说什么因为许多这类型的文学作家is far more _____ than her.(It is ironic that 女作家 rarely _____ from (大概意思是public), given that 大家都倾向于other authors, (这些其他作家)比她 much ______)

  A. Surface in …

  B. Is absent from … inept


  2. The new illustrations, though they follow the plot, have little to do with the tone of Alice in Wonderland; unchangingly_______, they _______ the subtext of a story, that is, for all its whimsy, XXXXX terrifying instability of identity. a. grim belie b. contradict c. fanciful reinforce d. update ... miss e. cheerful elucidate

  答案:update .. miss

  3. A simplest unicellular biological organism bacterial cell can live independently. Although its structure is pretty simple, there is a higher _____in contrast to the most intricate piece of the machinery in the world, which is inferior, still seems _____.


  4. A simplest cell origanism, but the bacterial cell can support a whole life:

  This 让.....intricate的生命系统看起来很...


  5. 孩子有时对parents来说______(很烦人),就像电脑对使用者老说,machine is unwilling_____(配合)。

  6. Broadway的musical一直享有____(一致好评),确实有许多are profit,but few are____(不尽人意)

  7. The evidence that a renounced composer Mendelssohn had published some of his cousin’s works in his name ________ the view that she was actually a _________ talent.说一个男的作曲家经常用自己的名字出版妹妹的作品的证据变得_______了,这显得他的妹妹是个______天才

  参考答案:Buttress …… significant

  8. The scientist found it puzzling that his rival's theory retained its ____despite widespread suggestions that it was now ____. (A) perspective.. dated

  (B) currency..moribund(key)

  (C) appeal..accepted

  (D) complexity..unfathomable

  (E) credibility.. recognized


  9. Although there are not a few __________viewers of the popular TV show, it inspires less a passionate following ____________ observers. 候选有一组是 indifferent … loyal, 还有一组是 XXX … zealous.

  答案:indifferent ……loyal

  10. …having…, she shed her ________, and developed from a _______________ to …actress sure ….

  答案:discernment …… novice

  11. Far from being the_________ form of literature, romance novel is the ________of the potential of literature to affect the emotions of the reader. 相似枫叶原题(已基本确定就是这道):

  Far from being most ____ of literal form, romantic fiction is more moving than other genre have the____of potential to affect reader's emotion. (NO.3)


  答案:shallow … realization/ achievement/ utilization

  12. 尽管某人 有 reputation of ____, 其他人说他平常其实是______的

  13. 版本1:一个专家advocating依赖药物的替代品并不是disinterested,因为他之前已经申请了一个这方面的patent。 版本2:He _____ an act to prevent(咖啡注释,这个相当于底下的'ban') usage of the food-additive,however he is not _____, because he is developing a material to substitute it. 相似枫叶原题(已基本确定就是这道): The scientist's motivation for____ a ban(可能没有ban) on the addictive food cannot be called as ____ ; he himself had a patent for the substitution for the addictive food.

  【注解】addictive: [adj]入迷的altruistic:[adj]利他主义的substitution :[n]代替物disinterested:[adj]无私的



  14. 人们关于一个女人的评价是不中立的(not disinterested),some laud有些赞扬得很厉害,有些excoriate很厉害。

  the evaluation to sb is hardly________ :一些鸟人laud他as inventive and XXXX,另一些人_______as blunder and XXXX。

  答案:disinterested/dispassionate … excoriate