2011-05-11 GRE机经


  15. 同一件事两个企业的反应不同,一些企业_____,另外一些企业_____.


  16. Although the government has already _________ the view of some people regarding the society being many problems, it also __________ that some disadvantages indeed exist in the society.

  答案:eliminated … recognizes

  17. Few the happy crowd can imediatly know the ________ of things , XXXX, ________, XXXX. 感觉意思是只有很少的处于快乐中的人能意识到不幸隐藏性的存在,然后后面好像说了某种后果。

  18. Even though the mayor _____ the worries of the constitutes that ,he actually was _____ the dangerous financal situation. 版本2:一个官员(忽视,否决?)____的建议,但是不代表他____(不关心)城市的某方面问题: 市长____一个关于经济问题的提案,并不表示他对经济问题____.

  答案:题干有否定:dismissed...indifferent;题干没否定:dismissed...not indifferent

  19. In the ironic, the scientist was criticized by his ______ research method, although others paise his absolute impeccable logic in his method…….

  It is ironic that 一群critic 认为科学家的研究methodology 是______, because 前人无数的经验已证明此方法是impeccable rigid and logical.


  【注解】methodology:[n]方法论,教学法impeccable :[adj]无瑕疵的abstruse :[adj]深奥的,秘密的exotic:[adj]外来的,奇异的specious:[adj]外表美观的,虚伪的

  20. 什么教育虽然被很多人批评但是一些人的______观点因为一本书_______美国教育而改变了。

  21. 一部戏缺少了_______是因为导演想要营造一种XXX的psychological的效果。

  The absence of______ in performance of the actor reflect the director's intention to a psychological nuance drama focus。

  【注解】psychological nuance:心理上的细微差别tension:紧张gravity:严肃caricature: [n]漫画,讽刺画naturalism: [n]自然论,自然主义




  22. Scientists' pristine reputation as devotees of the disinterested pursuit of truth has been ____ by recent evidence that some scientists have deliberately ____ experimental results to further their own careers. (A) reinforced ... published (B) validated ... suppressed (C) exterminated ... replicated (D compromised ... fabricated (E) resuscitated ... challenged

  答案:compromised ... Fabricated

  23. When theories formerly considered to be ____ in their scientific objectivity are found instead to reflect a consistent observational and evaluative bias , then the presumed neutrality of science gives way to the recognition that categories of knowledge are human ____.

  答案:disinterested ... Constructions

  24. 教授坚持认为他的学生对于古代的东西比later要客观,因此对与眼前的事要far from unbiased与以前的相比较。 相似枫叶原题(已基本确定就是这道): 教授坚持认为他的学生对于古代的东西比later 要____,因此对于眼前的事要far from____,与以前的相比较。(另一版本:从过去到现在,就是说他们的学生以前比现在更加biased)


  25.The manager's________proves the XXXX ________: the company first place averse to XXXX. 记不太清了大概讲这个manager的某种行为prove了某些人对他的观点,后面段可以推出,第一个空是个负面特征。