2011-05-19 GRE阅读

  1、 长成分


  a、 主语从句

  b、 宾语从句




  2、 常见倒装搭配

  (1)、及物动词加介词:固定词组的固定搭配中,经常出现倒装情况,如:bring A to B,写作:bring to B A

  例:Yet Waltzer’s argument , however deficient , does point to one of the most serious weaknesses of capitalism-namely , that it brings to predominant positions in a society people who ,no matter how legitimately they have earned their material rewards , often lack those other qualities that evoke affection or admiration.

  类似的情况:throw over , insert into , import into , infer from, establish for , advocate as 等


  例:make possible …(单词或者句子)

  3、 省略的几种情况


  (2)、让步转折的省略:如although (but)

  (3)、定语从句引导词的省略which(that )


  如:qualities(such as “the capacity for hard work”) essential in producing wealth

  4、 短语被分割:如:

    such as, so that , too to , more than , from A to B , between A and B

  5、 多重否定:如:

  Despite these vague categories , one should not claim unequivocally that hostility between recognizable classes cannot be legitimately observed .