2011-05-20 GRE写作

  前段时间为gre考生汇总了gre issue写作提纲思路和分析,希望对考生在攻破greissue写作上有所帮助。接下来的几天我们将为gre考生整理gre argument部分的提纲内容。希望通过我们的整理和汇总,让gre考生真正能掌握gre写作的精髓。




  A recent sales study indicated that consumption of seafood dishes in Bay City restaurants has increased by 30 percent over the past five years(1,2). Yet there are no currently operating city restaurants that specialize in seafood. Moreover, the majority of families in Bay City are two-income families, and a nationwide study(4) has shown that such families eat significantly fewer home-cooked meals than they did a decade ago but at the same time express more concern about eating healthily(5,6,8). Therefore, a new Bay City restaurant specializing in seafood will be quite popular and profitable(7).


  (1)The 30% increase might be insignificant because we do not know the base amount of seafood consumption in Bay City.

  (2)The past current does not necessarily indicate that seafood consumption will continue to increase in the future.

  (3)The increase in consumption of seafood dishes in normal restaurant does not indicate that a restaurant specializing in seafood will be profitable.

  (4)The nationwide study showing trends among two-income families toward dining out and eating healthily does not necessarily apply to Bay City.

  (5)The fact that two-income families express more concern about eating healthily does not indicate that they will necessarily patronize a new seafood restaurant.

  (6)Without any detailed data concerning the number of home-cooked meals these two-income families eat currently and formerly, and without knowing the actual level of their concern about eating healthily, we cannot evaluate if these families are a key factor in determining the profitability of a restaurant specializing in seafood. Other families may eat even fewer home-cooked meals and are concerned more about eating healthily.

  (7)The argument fails to provide any information about the expense of establishing such a restaurant.

  (8)The fact that two-income families eat fewer home-cooked meals may lead to the popularity of catering services, delivered meals, but not necessarily that of a sit-down restaurant.


  无论是gre issue还是gre argument,考生都应该养成写提纲的习惯。这种提纲式的gre写作练习可以帮助考生锻炼写作的逻辑性,而gre写作高分最重要的得分依据就是作文的逻辑性要强。