2011-05-20 GRE机经

  考试时间:2011年5月4日 13:00


  issue 243-"The true value of a civilization is reflected in its artistic creations rather than in its scientific accomplishments."

  Issue33-"Creating an appealing image has become more important in contemporary society than is the reality or truth behind that image."

  Argument55-"The following appeared in a Letter to the Editor of the Shady Village newspaper.

  "Commuters are complaining that the rush hour traffic on Blue Highway between Shady Village and Bright City has doubled their commuting time. Some commuters have asked that an additional traffic lane be built, but the recent creation of such a lane on nearby Green Highway apparently attracted more commuters, judging from the fact that rush-hour traffic jams actually increased there this past winter. To reduce rush-hour traffic on Blue Highway, a bicycle lane should be added instead of a traffic lane. This approach will succeed because many citizens of Shady Village are avid bicyclists; 75 percent of respondents to a recent questionnaire distributed there said they would like to bicycle more hours per week than they currently do."