2011-05-24 GRE机经


  issue有一道题目是it’s great mistake to theorize without data……



  232-The following appeared in a memo from the sales manager of Eco-Power, a company that manufactures tools and home appliances.

  "Many popular radio and television commercials(1) use memorable tunes and song lyrics to call attention to the products being advertised(2). Indeed, a recent study of high school students(5) showed that 85 percent could easily recognize the tunes used to advertise leading soft drinks and fast-food restaurants(3,4). Despite our company's extensive advertising in magazines during the past year, sales of our home appliances declined(6). Therefore, to boost company profits(10), we should now switch to advertisements featuring a distinctive song(7,8,9,11)."

  195-The following is a letter from an editor at Liber Publishing Company to the company's president.

  "In recent years, Liber has unfortunately moved away from its original mission: to publish the works(1) of regional small-town authors instead of those of big-city authors(2). Just last year, 90 percent of the novels(1) we published were written by authors who maintain a residence in a big city(2). Although this change must have been intended to increase profits(3), it has obviously backfired, because Liber is now in serious financial trouble(4). The only way(5) to address this problem is to return to our original mission(7). If we return to publishing only the works of regional small-town authors, our financial troubles will soon be resolved(6).


  BULLY:AGGRESSIVE cynic:distrustful

  CHOIR : SINGER expedition: traveller

  CREDULOUS:DUPE insensitive:boor

  FISCAL:FINANCE 这个后面也是变体 我选的是有education的选项

  JOURNAL:ENTRIES run:performance

  LIBERTINE:DISSOLUTE dupe:credulous

  PERCEIVABLE:DISCERNABLE impulsive : spontaneous


  EUPHEMISM: OFFENSIVE 什么 是个变体 offensive 后面有词

  AUGMENT abatement

  BUCOLIC urban

  CACOPHONY dulcet/mellifluous/euphonious/harmony (忘了选项。。晕)

  CONTRAVENE buttress

  HANGDOG buoyant

  LACONIC prolix

  MORBID hale

  MORIBUND nascent

  PUCKISH sober

  sagacious PUERILE 这个选项位置改了

  ROLLICKING orderly


  TRENCHANT poorly articulated


  2.The new illustrations, though they follow the plot, have little to do with the tone of Alice in Wonderland; Unchangingly ________, they _______ the subtext of a story that is, for all its whimsy, about the terrifying instability of identity.

  a. grim belie

  b. contradict

  c. fanciful reinforce

  d. update ... miss 这个选项是UPDATE 选D

  e. cheerful elucidate

  3. A simplest unicellular biological organism bacterial cell can live independently. Although its structure is pretty simple, there is a higher _____in contrast to the most intricate piece of the machinery in the world, which is inferior, still seems _____. 类似枫叶原题:单细胞生物和机器复杂性比较题complexity...crude

  生物中一个最简单的单细胞生物能独立生活,结构尽管简单,但其复杂程度还是较____ in contrast to世界上最复杂的machine ,which自叹不如,仍显得____.

  【注解】crude: [adj]未加工天然的, 粗野粗制简陋的

  第二空是crude 第一空是变体

  22. The absence of______ in performance of the actor reflect the director's intention to a psychological nuance drama focus。

  【注解】psychological nuance:心理上的细微差别tension:紧张gravity:严肃caricature: [n]漫画,讽刺画naturalism: [n]自然论,自然主义


  31.The employee has a reputation of fractiousness, however, his coworkers see his _______ .





  第二题问11到12行是什么意思 我选的是饥荒是由于价格上涨 不知道对不对