英语常用并列连词来连接两个或两个以上的同等成分,而这种结构我们称之为并列平行结构,而比较常用的连词有:and, but, so, yet, for, nor, or , not only…but also, either…or,以及neither…nor等等。一般说来连接的同等成分可以是两个或几个动词,两个或几个动词的宾语,两个或几个名词的定语,两个或几个介词短语等。如果并列连词连接的是两个或几个简单句,就构成了一个并列句。这里举几个小的例子:

  In fact, privatization has not only rescued individual industries and a whole economy headed for disaster, but has also raised the level of performance in every area.这句话的中文意思是:事实上,私有化不仅挽救了个别企业和走向毁灭的整个经济,而且还提高了各行业的运作水平。在这个句子中,用and连接了individual industries和a whole economy这两个作为动词rescued的宾语,并且还使用了not only…but also连接了rescued和raised这两个动词引导的平行的谓语成分。

  但是需要注意的是并不是每个and简单的认为它只有连接作用,其实它的用法在英语中十分丰富,它在句子中可以表示许多不同的目的。例如:We were singing and dancing.我们又唱又跳。The old lady fell down in the street and broke her leg.老妇人跌倒在街上,腿都摔断了(表示结果)。Fix the bicycle and I’ll pay you $6.修理这辆自行车,我就付给你6美元(表示条件)。He finished his homework and made for the dining room.他作完家庭作业后去了食堂(表示连续)。The girl grows up and still knows nothing about her family.这女孩长大了,对家里的事还是一无所知(表示对比)。

  此外其他的并列连词都各表示不同的意义:but,yet表示对比;either…or…, neither…nor…表示选择;so表示结果;for表示原因等等。

  But since the consequences of poverty are related to powerlessness, not to the absolute supply of money available to the poor, and since the amount of power purchasable with a given supply of money decreases as a society acquires a larger supply of goods and services, the solution of raising the incomes of the poor is likely, unless accompanied by other measures, to be ineffective in a wealthy society.

  句子解析:这个句子的两个since引导的处于并列关系的原因状语从句,在主句中unless accompanied by other measures作为插入语表示让步分割了谓语部分。


  The time has long since arrived to recognize commercial representation as a profession per se, the successful exercise of which is positively correlated with careful initial selection of commercial representatives, the level and content of their formal education and specialized training, the length and variety of their pertinent experience, and the quality of support they receive from the trade promotion or ministry at home.

  句子解析:这句话的主干部分十分短小:The time has long. Since引导的状语从句部分都是为了说明驻外商务代表成为专门的业务时其相关的一些情况,在exercise of后面的which代表的是commercial representation,后面有几个用and连接的与选择好驻外商务代表相关的要考虑的东西: the level and content of their formal education and specialized training; the length and variety of their pertinent experience和the quality of support。








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