encomium n. 赞美

  Sir John Rose, who delivered his last annual results as boss of Rolls-Royce, deserve the encomiumshe receives from the public: he is a truly tremendous business leader.

  decelerate v. 减缓

  Intel's decelerated roadmap suggests that the extraordinary pace of improvement in the chip industry is starting to slow down.

  revitalize v. 使...复活

  In her poems, Alice Walker retrieves and revitalizes parts of Black culture that some have been all too quick to consign to the past as fossilized artifacts.

  proclivity n. 倾向,偏

  If Williams had a fault, it was an almost complete trust in others, a proclivity bordering on naiveté .

  hysteria n. 歇斯底里

  Mass hysteria is exactly the last thing a journalist should ever contribute to: poorly operated, it may serve to aggravate the panic of the public.

  vexation n. 苦恼,困扰

  Fermat`s last theorem has been called the most vexing problem in all mathematics: for over 350 years, the conjecture stymied mathematicians, until it was finally proven in 1995.

  disdain v. 鄙视

  The architecture of the Shanghai Bund was for decades presented as an archetypal symbol of abhorrent Western influence, which may be one of the reasons that these grand buildings weredisdained.

  caterwaul v. 发出难听的声音

  Despite the caterwauling of the neighbor's dog, I was able to fall sleep after working the night shift.

  efficacious adj. 有效的

  Although a few biologists have lamented some minor flaws in this method of classifying specimens, it is nevertheless an efficacious procedure to follow.

  analgesic adj. 止痛的

  Time is an analgesic drug relieving the pain from losing a loved one







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