1 带来landfill: outdated devices, discarded chemicals, plastic packaging;


      2 带来out of work: automation contribute to out of work; the development of computers and transistors and the accompanying trend toward miniaturization;


      3 好处:telecomuniting: because of the side effect relatively inferior, improve productivity, develop quantity management, reduce labor resourcefulness;


      4 坏处:automobile exhausts, pesticides such as DDT threaten the food chain, mineral wastes pollute reservoirs of groundwater;


      5 双面性:as medicine both have side effect; however, people could not reject to receive them with more benefits;


      6 事例:国防军备,基因治疗疾病,机器人的工业用途,全球化;事业,个人隐私,伦理,社会不平等,文化落后,文化殖民,温室效应,饮水质量数量,灌溉用水,工业用水,发电,渔业,化学泄漏,核泄漏导致死亡,疾病


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